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Rayo Diatonic 31 Button Accordion in GCF sku# 0515201898

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Brand: Hohner
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--31-Button diatonic accordion


--Key: GCF

--Elegant red color

--Designed with the beginner in mind

--Includes a set of durable straps for comfortable playing



===The Hohner Rayo accordion is the perfect instrument for people looking to start playing accordion. Designed with the beginner in mind, the 31-button diatonic Rayo is ready for playing right out of the box and is tuned in the key of GCF. In addition, Hohner has released an app for iPhone users called "Hohner SqueezeBox", which simulates your accordion - allowing musicians to practice on-the-go. The included straps bring a level of comfort that will ensure you are able to play for hours with ease. Available in an elegant red color, you'll never want to put down the Hohner Rayo Accordion.

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