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Kustom QUAD JR. 100W Half Stack Guitar Amplifier DISPLAY MODEL

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Brand: Kustom
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FEATURES 100W 4 - 12" Celestion speakers Channels: lead and rhythm Lead preamp: 2 high gain (grind/punch) Rhythm preamp: 2 clean (fat/punch) Dual 3-band EQ Lead boost 8 - 24-bit digital effects A mighty half-stack amplifier for heavy, modern rock tones. The Kustom QUAD JR. Half Stack features lead and rhythm channels (footswitchable with optional footswitch) with 2 high-gain preamp choices in the lead channel and 2 clean preamp selections in the rhythm channel. The 100W amp pumps your sound through 4 - 12" Celestions and is fully tweakable with dual 3-band EQ and a complement of 8 - 24-bit digital effects. The lead channel offers a boost switch. Tonally, its circuit has been modified to provide increased gain and tight low-end response. The result is a half-stack that excels at heavy music but still has the versatility to deliver warm, clean sounds and crunchy, medium-gain tones.

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